Hero Counters

Satori counters Karh’k, Jorgen, Orion, Andvari, Twins

Celeste counters Astaroth ressurect and all healers

Andvari counters Cleaver, Karh’k

Ishmael counters second position hitters; Satori, Karh’k, etc…

Cornelius counters Mages the stronger the better especially Satori and Celeste

Aurora counters mages best as a tank over Rufus. Rufus simply sucks up magic attack and converts it to health. But, he’s very weak against any kind of physical attack even basic physical attack. He should not be used on offense, and is easily avoided on defense. Aurora absorbs 80% over powerful hitting magic and throws it back in the mages faces. Plus she’s a decent tank when built, and for what she lacks, she makes up for with a Dodge attack ability.

Twins counter Kiera most the time. When her supports are out of position she gets vulnerable.

Thea is another good one against Mages. She has a silence ability which mutes their magic attack from happening.

Cleaver counters back line heros with his hook. This significantly affects Martha, because he can pull her up, but his hook also knocks over her healing pot. He’s also a great counter to kill Rufus with.

Kiera is a big multiple hitter, she too can counter Martha by knocking over her pot.

Jorgen slows the enemy down significantly. He keeps them from ulting fast. This helps against teams your hitting hard and fast.

Hellios counters critical hit toons like Ishmael and Jhu, or heroes being supported by Jet and Sebastian.

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